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Our BIG Family of Five...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy Busy Times!!

Our household has been super super busy these past few weeks... Reese is doing great and growing like a weed. I just took her to her 1 month doctor's appt and she weighs a whopping 9 pounds and has grown over 3 inches. She has started acid reflux medicine (like her big sister did at 4 weeks old) She is showing NO signs of colic, Wahoo!! I She is absolutely healthy and perfect! I cannot believe one month has already gone by. We have been super busy with festivities galore! I went on a field trip to Santa's Village with Caroline's class. I also got to attend Caroline's Christmas party at school. I am so lucky that I am able to attend these FUN functions with Caroline. We also celebrated the Hester Christmas a little early this year at my parents house. We had a great lunch and alot of laughs! Last weekend, I threw Steve a surprise 30th birthday party, which was a HUGE success. Mary and Ross came into town to do our annual Christmas but little did Steve know his dad, sister Abby and brother Joey also showed up. BIG surprise. The guys took Steve out to golf and hang our Saturday afternoon while my mom, Mary and I got the house ready for 30 people. Babe's came to cater the big birthday bash and 30 of our closest friends came to surprise Steve. He was absolutely caught off guard and surprised... we truly have the best friends! Beau, Jessica and I surprised Steve with a new guitar too... what a great weekend it was. I took no pictures... totally forgot ( I blame it on sleep depravation) . We celebrated Christmas with the Mary, Ross, Joey, Russell and Abby Sunday morning before everyone hit the road to go home. What a perfect weekend. Here are some random pictures from the past 3 weeks (sorry a few are out of order). Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our girls...

Here is a picture of Caroline as a newborn and a picture of Reese? Do they look alike :0)



What's been going on this past week...

Well... besides Reese joining our family we have celebrated Thanksgiving, took Caroline to Disney on Ice, made gingerbread houses and decorated for Christmas. We had a wonderful very low key Thanksgiving with my parents and brother at our house. My mom cooked an amazing dinner and we kicked back and watched the Cowboys game. Friday night my parents came back over and watched Reese so we could take Caroline to dinner and to Disney on Ice. What an unforgettable and priceless night... Caroline had an absolute blast. She got to pick out a LIttle Mermaid doll, had cotton candy, lemonade, popcorn and got a flounder hat. We had front row center of the ice tickets, PERFECT evening! My mom even stayed that night and spent the entire night hanging out with Reese so Steve and I could get a full nights sleep... talk about an awesome mom!