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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fabulous February!

I have seriously blinked and February is gone... we have been action packed at the Loeffler household. The girls are doing great and keeping us VERY busy! They are starting to play together more which really helps mommy out during the day. Reese is ALL over the place and loves to explore every inch of our house. She is great on her feet and loves to run everywhere she goes. Caroline is still loving school and ballet. She just started soccer, which her daddy loves. Steve is the coach of the "Fireflies" along with our friend, Brandon (Bryce's daddy). They had their first practice today and it was priceless! Their first game is this Saturday and funny enough Steve will be in Rockport for his bother's bachelor party and Brandon can't make the game either. SOOO.... Laney (Bryce's mom) and I are coaching the VERY FIRST game... won't I be a sight 6 months pregnant running on the field?? Oh, and neither of us know 1 thing about soccer except to run, kick and try to score. Should be comical! Valentine's day went great this year. Both girls worked hard making crafts and Caroline decorated our house. Reese loved painting! Caroline had a fun party at school and we spent the evening having dinner and playing. Reese got dressed up to attend her little friend, Kate's 1st birthday party. She loved wearing a ruffle skirt and loved playing with all the other kiddos. We also headed out to the Hear Museum and checked out all the cool dinosaurs with our good friends, the Weismanns. Caroline and Riley had a great time running around and getting out some of their energy. Fun day!

Steve had to go to Orlando for a few days for work, Disney is his client so Caroline and I happily tagged along. My AMAZING parents offered to keep Reese for us so that we could just take Caroline and spend some one on one time with her. Reese didn't miss a thing and LOVED every minute spending time with Grams and Grandad. Caroline had an awesome time swimming (a bit chilly), looking for every princess at Magic Kingdom, going to the parades, riding all the rides, shopping, and laughing!! She was such a trooper... we left early every morning and didn't get back to our room until 10:30-11:00 at night. She walked and walked all day. We were looking for a place to have dinner Saturday night while we were at Magic Kindgom and we were having no luck. We wanted to eat at a nicer place so we could sit and rest for a bit. I tried getting us reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table (dining with the princesses) but that place fills up 6-12 months in advance, not joking. I randomly had the idea to show up at the restaurant and just ask if they had any cancellations with my fingers crossed. Well, it was our lucky day! The hostess said "can ya'll eat now?" it was 4:50 and we said "ABSOLUTELY!" So, Caroline got to meet Cinderella, check out her castle, eat with Jasmine, Snow White, Ariell and Princess Aurora. Totally made her day... it is SO much fun to watch your 4 year old daughters face/eyes light up meeting those princesses. I'm so glad we got to take her and experience the magic Disney really does offer.