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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catch up

So, I am really far behind and I know that. This past month has been a complete whirl wind and so action packed that every time I think I'm going to update our Blog, I find something to pick/clean up. So, here ya go.
We had a fabulous holiday!! We spent it with of our family and friends, nothing is better than that. Here's a quick re-cap... Grams and I took Caroline to see the Nutcracker Ballet, she liked it (it was really LONG and could have been an hour shorter), we had Christmas Eve at my parents house, Christmas morning was spent with two extremely excited girls, that afternoon was spent at my aunt and uncles house and Christmas evening was spent at my parents house. We even had a white Christmas... Caroline LOVED the snow. We went to our annual Gaylord Ice trip with the Glasco's. The girls' snow tubed, looked at the Madagascar themed ice sculptures (amazing) and had a wonderful lunch out. Reese got to enjoy a WARM fun morning with Grandad and Grams. We headed to San Antonio to celebrate Steve's birthday and Christmas with the Loeffler's. WE had a great time... Caroline and Reese have 6 cousins and another cousin on the way. Nana and PaPa had a house full. The kids had so much fun playing together and roasting marshmallows by the fire. We celebrated Steve's birthday in San Antonio. Nana and PaPa kept the girls so we could go out and celebrate with Mike, Krystal, Brad, Erika, Beau and Jessica. Great times! I am full force working and learning how to balance everyday life, the girls and teaching 10 classes a week BUT I am managing. I am so thankful to have family close by to bail me out when I'm nearly in tears or about to pull my hair out :0) We are so lucky to have such awesome girls'... they really are the best kids! Reese is walking ALL over the place and doesn't miss a thing. She is starting to become very vocal and knows what she wants. Caroline is growing up so fast... she just got an adorable haircut (that made her look 5 years older), she is loving ballet, school and cannot wait to play soccer in the Spring. The littlest baby "L" is growing and starting to kick more. I am now 24 weeks... where has the time gone? I go to the doctor every 4 weeks and have a sono at every appt now (which is totally fun). I have been told to take it easy and rest as much as possible (HA HA) due to my placenta partially covering my cervix (girl stuff). It's not a big deal and should move on it's own so I am just still trucking along. We are headed to Orlando for a few days. Steve is going to meet with his Disney client so Caroline and I are tagging along with him for a few days (Caroline is one lucky little girl, Disney twice in 6 months). My wonderful parents are keeping Reese.. she will be spoiled rotten and will spend the majority of the time chasing my parents cats and playing. So, that's our lives this past month.... LOVE IT and our girls! Here are some random pictures... I just noticed the pictures are really out of order but I'm too lazy to fix it (Gotta go watch Grey's Anatomy from last week).