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Monday, March 26, 2012

Where do I even begin?

Well.... saying we have been busy is an understatement around here! Our household has been completely insane but at this point all Steve and I can do is smile and laugh about it. We got a new front door, which we love. There is a picture of it almost completed. Here is our past month in a nutshell. We started our backyard pool renovations. Our existing pool had some issues with cracking and our pool deck was a MESS! We ripped out pretty much everything in our back yard. This has been a 7 week project and we are ALMOST done... all we have left is staining the new pool deck. We added a FUN tanning/play ledge for the girls and Logan. We added new flagstone for the coping and extended our pool deck by quite a bit, got all new electrical, plumbing and a pebble plaster inside the pool. We are SOO happy with it but it's been an extremely long and loud process. Steve is building a new fence in the next few weekends and then onto new landscaping... oh-boy! Come on summer! Next our BIG headache... it's a LONG LONG story but I'll sum up our next big headache by saying that our dishwasher had some serious power surges (or should I say our whole house had some major power surges) due to our neutral wire in our house being bad so that caused a surge protector to catch fire as well as a small electrical fire under our kitchen sink which LEAD to our dishwasher leaking water ALL over everywhere ( at 10pm at night, ugh). Our hardwood floors in the living room, dining room and office are completely destroyed as well as some of our kitchen cabinets. We had water clean up crew come and dry our house out for three days (that consisted of 8 large fans and 3 huge dehumidifiers..we lived in the middle of a tornado). Our insurance adjuster will be out on Wednesday to discuss new floors, cabinets etc... The power company has fixed the power problem by digging huge trenches in our yard to bury a new line, ugh! Our hot water heater had some electrical issues due to the surges and when we were checking that out we noticed a plumbing leak above the water heater,,, had to call a plumber. That evening we had a huge rain storm and our roof leaked so onto a roofer :0) It's been completely swell but hopefully the end is in sight!! Well... now onto the good stuff. Mary came into town and the girls had a blast and I got to spend some quality time with Caroline and go on a date night with Steve, Beau and Jessica. Mary had a princess party with the girls while we went out,,, Caroline has been talking about it non stop. Reese is doing awesome. Sleeping all night and eating like a champ. I just took her to her 4 month check up and she is a little chuck... you would never know she was three weeks early. She weighs close to 16 pounds and is 25 inches long, my 90% baby. Steve and I just got away Friday and Saturday... we drove down to Austin for Dylan's wedding ( a friend of mine since the 7th grade). He got married in the hill country and it was absolutely beautiful and a restful few days. My mom, dad and Uncle "B" played super heros taking on the girls. I don't think Caroline even knew we were gone. Thanks mom, dad and Ben for playing all weekend! We are hoping for a restful next couple of weeks... we'll see if that actually happens. I sure have been feeling my age lately!!