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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Time

The Weismann's and the Glasco's came over to swim, play and cookout. We are so lucky to have such great friends with the MOST awesome kids. It is so much fun to watch the kids grow up together and play.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is here!

Summer is officially here! It has been SO hot so we have been beating the heat with swimming and playing inside. The Glasco's came over to swim and the kids had a blast playing together. Caroline and Peyton are the best of friends and we are working on getting Reese and Griffin to play together. Reese is ready to keep up with the big kids.

Cathy and Spencer came over to swim and see the girls'. We had such a great time visiting and catching up.

Reese is officially 7 months old. Remember in the last post, I said that Reese was sleeping great?? Well... I take that back. She has been waking up every few hours. She is not hungry or crying, she's just awake. Steve and I grew our tough skin again and we are working on letting her soothe herself back to sleep. Which basically means we let her cry, we go in a pat her and leave, she cries again, we go in and pat her... this continues until she falls asleep on her own. This method worked so great with Caroline. Caroline is the best sleeper and has been since she was 7 months old so we are hoping her sister follows in her footsteps. She is SO ready to crawl. She is working on bouncing herself onto her kness. She is ready to catch up to her big sister... Steve and I have some major baby proofing to do. We are so lucky to have such a happy and healthy girl (girls)!!

Here are a couple of random cute pictures. Caroline with her new rat and another future Bobcat. I put pictures of both Reese and Caroline in their Bobcat shirts :0)

Nana came in town last week and we had a GREAT visit!! We went to the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum, had a picnic dinner and listened to some live music. Nana and Caroline danced center stage. I have never seen Caroline so excited and dancing so hard. She had a blast. Reese even practiced her moves.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Time!

Caroline graduated from Aquatots (Level 1) swim class. She finally stopped crying and did really really well... it only took her Uncle "B", Grams and Daddy to come watch and cheer her on. She was so so excited to get her ribbon and t-shirt! She is about to start the next level next week... wish her luck (or me luck... I'm gonna need it).

We recently went to Hawaiian Falls with Laney and Bryce. We actually went on a rainy day which was good for the crowds but it was a bit chilly... we still had a GREAT time!! We took the girls to Campasis Pizza and amazingly they both wanted olive pizza sooo that's what they got. Caroline loved the lazy river and the girls had a blast playing with their princesses in the water.

This girl absolutely absolutely ADORES her Uncle "B".. how could you not? He is the BEST Uncle!! A day (or hour) does not go by that we do not talk about Uncle "B".

A great friend of mine, Abby gave Caroline and Reese MEGA bows with their initials on them for Christmas. Reese's head is finally big enough and strong enough to wear. Such sweet sweet sisters. Sorry went a little crazy with the pictures... they are just all so cute!

I cannot believe I am actually writing that Reese is 6 months old... 7 months next week. AHHHH... where has the time gone and please can it slow down? She is the happiest, sweetest, easiest baby. She loves to play on the floor sitting up and reaching for anything and everything. She has absolutely no desire to roll. She can roll from her stomach to her back but would prefer to sit. She eats great and sleeps great. She is really working on getting her bottom teeth so she's been taking some teething tablets to help with the pain. At her 6 month check uo she weighed 19 pounds (92%) and is 27 inches (90%) She must get the height form me....

The pool/backyard is officially FINISHED (minus one fence side), Hooray! Here are some random pictures of us enjoying it. I'll post backyard pictures soon!!

These are just a couple of cute pictures... Caroline at a friends' splash park birthday party and Reese looking cute!