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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December FUN!!

We have been busy bee's this month... Grams, Uncle "B', the girls and I headed to the Dallas zoo on beautiful warm Friday afternoon. Caroline and Reese both had a blast. Caroline loved riding the pony and both girls loved feeding the giraffes. Reese wasn't sure what to think of the giant animal coming towards her but she wasn't scared one bit. What a fun day for the girls to run around and enjoy the great weather.

Caroline had a little Christmas ballet performance this past weekend to the song "Jingle Bell Rock". She of course was the star of the show and knew the entire routine (Caroline and daddy practiced alot). We absolutely love watching her dance... she is just the cutest! We even got to have lunch with Great-Grandpa and Grandma... what a treat!

We also headed over to Santa's Village during the day to let the girls run around and play. Caroline saw the huge dance stage so she immediately ran onto the stage and put on quite a performance for everyone there. The kid has NO stage fright. That evening we went to Frisco square to meet the Glasco's for dinner and Christmas fun. We ate at a great pizzeria and enjoyed watching the kids run around and play. After dinner we walked through the square and checked out all the lights. They made it snow throughout the square so of course the kids loved that. We ended the night with $5 glow/flashing wand things and blueberry popcorn... what a great day!!

Steve's office has a kids Christmas party every year with food, crafts and of course Santa. Both girls didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap. Caroline told him all the things she wants for Christmas and Reese tried to rip Santa's beard off... but overall very successful. Caroline enjoyed making every single craft and couldn't wait to come home and put them on our tree.

We went to Northpark this past Sunday to shop and play. We looked at the turtles, ducks, played on the slides and went to see the train exhibit. What a fun Sunday!!

Lastly, we got a new car. We decided to go ahead and make the switch since we will be soon adding another car seat in our car so we had to have that third row. After ALOT of research and consideration, we went with the GMC Acadia. We both didn't want anything huge and we both will absolutely not drive a minivan (no offense anyone with a van) so we decided the Acadia would be a perfect fit of our growing family. I love it because each girl will have their own seat and I should NEVER hear "she is touching me" being screamed from the back of the car. Happy days!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!