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Thursday, August 30, 2012


There is absolutely nothing cuter than little girls taking ballet... Caroline started a few weeks ago and I cannot wait to take her each week. She is the absolute cutest little ballerina. I get tears in my eyes watching her dance around, I am so proud of her and LOVE that she LOVES ballet!!

Our sweet little ballerina!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Breck Trip

Steve, Caroline and I spent a few days in Breckenridge, Colorado with the Glasco's at the end of July. We decided to leave the babies, Reese and Griffin home with the Grandparents so that Caroline and Peyton would have our FULL attention and we could do more big kid stuff. We had an action packed week and made some unforgettable memories. This for sure is going to be an annual trip (maybe in the winter next time :0)

Headed to the airport.... the girls are so excited!

The girls had the perfect set up on the plane... snacks, drinks and movies

We stayed at the Merrill house right on the mountain. It had a great hiking trail right out the back door. We hiked it everyday and even took a picnic breakfast one morning. Caroline LOVED the chipmunks!!

The second day we were there we took the FREE Gondola from town up to peak 8.. beautiful ride that the girls loved. On Peak 8, they have an awesome outdoor fun park with slide, roller coasters, panning for gold, maze, horseback riding, giant trampoline etc... We ALL loved it.The girls loved going on the roller coasters and alpine slides. They wanted to go faster and faster. Caroline, Steve and I got caught on the roller coater just as soon as it started to pour down freezing rain. We got just slightly wet... but loved every minute of it.

One day the guys went up to peak 8 and took the lifts to the top of the mountain and went mountain biking. They both only fell once, pretty good. Steve got stuck between two rocks and flipped off his bike and Grant fell off a bridge into brush and shrubs. Steve came back with bloody shins and Grant rode over his sunglasses but you should have seen the smiles on their faces...they had a blast!! Well... Chels has thus brilliant idea for us girls to rent bikes too and go for a leisurely ride. It started out great, it was cool and all downhill. We rode for about 6-7 miles and decided to turn around. We then got to peddle ALL uphill the entire way back :) We had to stop often and switch bikes so we each took turns pulling the girls. We finally made it by walking our bikes up the last big hill and back to the bike shop....We are just slightly out of shape.. a burn in my legs I will never forget. We really did have a blast and the scenery was beautiful!

We took the girls to paint pottery, which they both loved. They worked so hard to make their crabs, mermaid, plates and snail look amazing!

One day we went to the lake in Frisco, Co (About a 10 minute drive) We played in the sand, went fishing and we rented a canoe. The weather was perfect and it was such a relaxing day.

Here are a few other random pictures from our trip...

I brought mirrors for the girls to make and here they are... guess who's is who's. Chelsee and I had a great laugh about it. Little clones of Chelsee and I.

Goodbye Breckenridge, we CAN'T WAIT to go back!! Thanks Glasco's for the amazing trip!

While we were in Colorado, Reese was at camp Grandad and Grams' house. She LOVED having all the attention and getting to do pretty much everything she wanted to do... swimming, playing and shopping with Grandad. Grandad even took her to Baby Bliss and let her pick out a new dress. Thanks mom and dad, you guys are the BEST!!