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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Here is what has been going on with us these past few weeks... The girls are LOVING the pool!
Reese had her 6 month check up. She is growing like a weed!! She now weights 19 pounds (95%) She loves peas, squash, zucchini, peaches, pears, bananas and sweet potatoes. She is working on some teeth, oh-boy! She is the sweetest little thing!
We went to our friend Kasey's 30th birthday party. The girls had so much fun playing together. The babies in the picture are Kate (Ashley's baby), Griffin (Chelsee's baby), Harper (Kasey's baby) and of course Reese.
We went to Peyton's house to play with Griffin and Riley. The kids had so much fun playing outside and eating watermelon. I love that these kiddos are growing up to be such great friends. Their parents are pretty great too! We are so lucky to have such awesome friends.
We went to Heights park with Laney and Bryce to have a picnic and let the girls run around. During our picnic, one little squirrel came to join us. The girls had so much fun feeding the squirrel right out of their hands. Who knew squirrels likes peanut butter sandwiches and potato chips.
We loaded up and headed to Baton Rouge for a long weekend. We were so excited to see Ma and the entire Loeffler/Talbot bunch. We had such a great visit and the girls' could not have been better. Caroline loved staying in a hotel and eating a buffet breakfast. Caroline and Reese got to play and visit with their great grandma... so special! I sure love having an amazing family!
Mason turned 3! We went to Mason's birthday party at Little Gym and had a blast! The kids sang songs, climbed, jumped, played and ate cupcakes. Caroline loved every minute of it!
Caroline started swim lessons for the very first time. Day 1 went GREAT! Day 2, 3, and 4... WOW is all I can say. Caroline does not like to get her face wet so when they didn't catch her in the water... oh-my she was upset. I have never seen Caroline so mad, scared and P-off! Caroline had a surprise visitor on Friday, Uncle "B" so she was super excited. She did 100 times better on Friday. Caroline is great at kicking and loves to play all the games in the water. She is getting the hang of it. She has to go this entire next week and she doesn't know it yet but I signed her up for another 2 weeks of lessons. This girl is going to learn to swim!
Caroline's last day of school was on Friday and she was super sad. She has had an amazing year and has learned so much! She has made some great friends that we hoped to have in her class next year. The last few weeks of school were super busy. Her class had a mother's day tea. Caroline made me a paper/flower corsage, a beautiful card, a vase of paper flowers and a sack potpourri. The kids served us snacks and even put on a little signing performance. I could have not asked for a better day.... I'll never forget it. I volunteered to help on the last day of school. The kids had an action packed field day. They got to play in little pools/sprinklers, eat ice cream, make a picture frame, play bean bag toss, catch, bubbles etc... What a great last day. Caroline already misses Mrs. Gavaghan and is ready for next year!
Random... our floors are finally finished and we LOVE them!
Caroline helping Steve build the fence. She had to take her shirt off too!
Peyton and Griffin came over to play. We set up the slip-n-slide and kiddie pool. The girls LOVED it!! They were not quite sure what to do on the slip-n-slide so Grant had to show them... what a sight. Then of course, Steve had to try. I think the guys had more fun than the girls. Such sweet friends!
Here are some other random pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!!