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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is July really almost over?!

Where has the time gone? July has flown by. The past couple of weeks have been SO fun and action packed. We are getting ready to leave next Saturday to head to Breckenridge with the Glasco's and cannot wait!I'll post pictures when we get back. Here is what we have been up to...

Griffin turned 1!!! We went to Griffin's 1st birthday party and had an awesome time celebrating his BIG first birthday. He is the sweetest and cutest little guy. I LOVE watching these friends grow up together.

The girls have been swimming everyday. Here are a few cute pictures.

Caroline's friend, Ashley turned 4! Her party was at Gymboree and it was a princess/pirate dress up party so Caroline was SUPER excited. The girls had so much fun playing!! Reese even got to go down the slide and try on some pirate hats!!

Caroline completed her third round of swim lessons... It's amazing to see how great of a swimmer she is in just 6 short weeks!! We are so proud of her!

Caroline got new glasses!! My mom took Caroline to pick out new glasses and these are the ones she picked out. I think she did a great job. She suddenly looks so much older and is absolutely beautiful in them!!

I went in to get Reese after her nap and found her like this... time to lower the crib. She was so proud of herself.

Playing in the rain is so much fun!!

New Toy!!

This week has been so much fun! My Aunt Peggy, cousin Marley and her two little guys, Tucker and Cotton are here visiting. It has been an action packed few days. We have been swimming (ALOT), playing, eating, we went to an 80's concert at the Arboretum, we rode the DART train down to Mockingbird Station and had lunch, and have laughed alot! I sure love my family. Here are lots of pictures!!

Emler hosted a swimming Olympics competition and Caroline of course wanted to participate. She had to compete in three different activities. Swim with a noodle type thing, swim 15 ft under water and then swim with a ring/jump in and turn around. She loved it and won a medal. Our future Olympian